HomeSchool Moms MeetUp
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HomeSchool Moms MeetUp

  • Real Life Center

Interested in or New to Homeschooling? Come and learn the TRUTH about this exciting, non-over-protecting, totally social way of teaching your KIDS at HOME.

Saturday, July 29, 2017 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Enjoy Friends and Fellowship over Breakfast $25.00

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You will Learn:

How to get started What about Curriculum? Think bigger than the Text Book Single Parent Homeschooling Connect to a Support Group and more...

Real Life Present for Success
3:00 pm15:00

Real Life Present for Success

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Real Life Present for Success

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, your ability to communicate well with your audience through a concise and compelling talk and presentation are a key factor for your business success. You need to intentionally focus in developing strong presentation skills, in order that you can use them with success when speaking to various stakeholders such as potential investors and clients.

You have the best plan, the best ideas; BUT, you’re either uncomfortable presenting in front of people or you are not sure how to put your talk together. It may not be in your job description but it’s critical to your performance. In many business situations you will need to know how to prepare for and present yourself in front of your peers and superiors. You need to learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently, engaging the participants well so that they can clearly understand and accept the concept/product you’re presenting.

One of the greatest fears for most people is the fear of public speaking. Fortunately, you can learn and master these skills and you will be able to Present for Success.

By participating in this workshop, you will learn about:

How to present and speak to build trust, reputation and credibility

To be able to speak with confidence in front of an audience

Determine appropriate audience profile

Develop a memorable Talk for target audience

Receive coaching and feedback for skill improvement

Real Life Mastermind
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Real Life Mastermind

  • Real Life Entrepreneur Center

• Come to present your issue to the group - to "bulletproof" something you're working on or thinking about.  You'll gain invaluable insight from a diverse and accomplished group.

• Come to share your expertise - to help others gain greater perspective and clarity about their particular business challenge.

• Come to be inspired by a group of serious minded professionals.  You'll have no choice but to walk away feeling more excited and energized about whatever it is that you're working on!

Real Life Sales Lab
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Real Life Sales Lab

  • Real Life Center

"It's a course on sales," she said. Suddenly, I was transported back to my freshman year in high school, selling Christmas swags door-to-door in support of a band trip. Sweaty palms, awkward grin, door slammed in face.

If the thought of "selling" conjures a similar feeling of unease, you've come to the right place - I promise. Clarence Cameron, accomplished sales professional of over 25 years, will share his expertise in a series of hands-on labs hosted by Midlothian's Real Life Center for Entrepreneurial and Leadership Excellence. Not only has Clarence produced over $33,000,000 in retail sales, drawing over $500,000 a month from finance and auto industries, but he's achieved those figures right where you are -- the Richmond metropolitan market.

Clarence's motto is: "Everyone can learn to sell," and now you can too!

Don't practice on your customers.
Instead join us Thursday, April 18th from 9:30am - 12pm

The Real Life Sales Labs are for you if:

* You desire a solid clientele base, but feel overwhelmed and unsure as to where you should begin
* You're a hands-on learner
* You appreciate thorough content
* You want to conquer your fear of selling products and services
* You want to be empowered to reach the top 1% in your field
* You're interested in learning from one of the region's leading sales professionals

Whether you’re a landscaper, business owner or retail sales associate, our labs will help you develop sales skills for your profession. Come learn techniques supplied with practical, hands-on application in: relationship selling, product or services, presentation or need awareness.

Walk away with the confidence to leave disastrous sales memories behind and rush forth to claim the goals you've always dreamt of!

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Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur
10:00 am10:00

Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

  • Real Life Center

Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

Bringing your vision to life doesn't need to be complicated. Allow Dr. Svetlana Papazov, CEO of Real Life Center for Entrepreneurial and Leadership Excellence, to show you how the right first steps can take your ideas from paper to profit. Become inspired to streamline your workflow and develop the skills necessary to create a successful business.

Join us Thursday, April 6th, from 10:30 AM through 12:00 PM for our first Real Life Talk of the month!

Svetlana will share her secrets as a strategic business coach and present a short readiness test to gauge your strengths.

Be on the lookout for our future workshops and Real Life Talks!

So come, connect, and cultivate a deeper sense of who you're designed to be.