Real Life Center Membership Program

shared office space • full center amenities

If you're not looking for a private office space, our Real Life Center Membership is the PERFECT, flexible opportunity for you! With your membership, you have access to our shared workspace, well lit with many windows, our soon-to-be-famous view, and all of the amenities you'd expect from a top notch shared office environment.

Beyond the ability to come in and work, you'll gain other wonderful benefits, including:

  • Access to our workshop hosting program, allowing you to generate business by hosting events
  • Partnership with our Real Life Center Entrepreneurs Group, where you'll meet other professionals from the area intending on expanding their business networks
  • Training and support with early bird ticket access to all of our continuing education programs
  • ...and much more!

We've only just begun to build out the Real Life Center's capabilities - your membership gives you the influence to grow, change, and mold our program to your own needs and wants!