Real Life Center for Entrepreneurial and Leadership Excellence

Real Life Center is a non-profit organization supporting innovation and economic impact for entrepreneurs in Richmond, VA and beyond.

Our facility is a unique waterfront event venue for ongoing business, or for a one-time occasion, any time of year. The views are beautiful, regardless of the season. Enjoy picturesque views, indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as the resources you need to host a beautiful and memorable event. venue availability

Additionally, we rent private offices, each with water views and walkout balconies. Are you an entrepreneur in search of a professional office for your business? Enjoy space for everyday tasks, meeting with clients and colleagues, plus access to mentors for business development, and opportunities connecting with Central Virginia’s entrepreneurial environment. office availability.

Our waterfront event venue is designed to make the everyday extraordinary.

Host your next business event
or private party here, on the lake

Members enjoy shared and private workspace, meeting rooms, dedicated offices and more.

Become part of a driven network of entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits and creatives. We believe that we are stronger together than alone, and that our business relationships and partnerships can be used for bettering our community.

More than just an office space.


The Real Life Center is more than just a building to work in – it's part of your community, and any good community comes with amenities for the locals. When we built the center, we ensured that you would have exactly what you need to work and enjoy your time here.


Coffee & Tea Service

Small Batch coffees from a local provider

The Happy Camper Coffee Company provides us with small batch, eco-friendly coffee and tea options that will keep you caffeinated and motivated. We offer fair trade, organic varietals for all palates.


High Speed Internet

Wired and wireless with speed to spare

Thanks to Verizon's FiOS Service, we've outfitted the entire center with wired and wireless Internet service for our members and their guests.

JJP_7819 (1).jpg

Event Space

Bring your "a game" and your clients!

We want you to get the most out of your experience with the Real Life Center. We've constructed the technology, layout, and flow that perfectly fits workshops. As a member of the center, you'll be able to host your own workshops for a fraction of the cost of other places!

Concierge Service

need an occasional helping hand?

Entrepreneurs need help from time to time - we all know that! At the Real Life Center for Entrepreneurial and Leadership Excellence, we provide access to folks ready to step in and give you a hand with a project, one-off service need, or virtually anything you could imagine.

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We invite you to invest and partner with Real Life RVA.

Your donation will help us continue supporting entrepreneurship and small business to and help them thrive, and bring value to the community of Richmond, VA and beyond.

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Real Life RVA  is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and every contribution is tax deductible

Living it up in Woodlake.


You can work just about anywhere, right? If that's the case, why not really, REALLY enjoy it? We've established the kind of professional environment that you literally won't find anywhere else in Richmond or Chesterfield. We're a little known secret and can't wait to share it!



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